Best Surf Report of the Month!

We are starting a new thing here at goFlow to give back to all our devoted users: Best Surf Report of the Month!  Each month we will select one loyal user that consistently posts quality surf reports and feature them right here on the blog.  

How does it works?? We count the number of Likes + Number of Surf Reports of each user. The one with the highest rank wins!!

The winner of this contest will win an awesome SURF GIFT and gets to be featured on the blog with a Q&A!

We are proud to announce the first WINNER of our monthly Best Surf Report of the Month is Clayton Moran!  CONGRATS CLAYTON!!


Clayton is the proud winner of the exclusive screening for the movie “Drift” at Red Bull Cinema on July 1st!  If you haven’t seen the trailor to this movie you have to check it out here: 


Clayton has been a one of the top goFlow users since we launched the app couple of months ago.  Clayton is one of the most active surfers in SoCal and he surfs Malibu County on a weekly basis, if not daily basis.  We recommend a follow to check out his reports!

So Clayton…

M: Tell us a bit about yourself: When did you start surfing? And where?

C: I’m actually a Canadian transplant from Vancouver Canada. I started surfing probably 13 years ago in the frigid waters off of Vancouver Island.

M: Your reports allude to the fact you love to surf Malibu County – whats your favorite wave to surf?

C: Malibu County is more or less the day to day surf grounds as I live in Malibu Canyon.  I’ve been surfing DawnPatrol at Topanga for a few years now and have a pretty good gang there. My favorite wave i’d have to say when it is working though is Big Dume.

M: What is the go-to board in your quiver?  Why? 

C: I like to play around with all sorts of boards, fins, finless…basically anything that will get me in the water. I’d have to say my go-to for the past while has been my 6’0 Firewire Hellfire. It’s a great blend between performance and hybrid so it suits Cali waves well. It’s super quick rail to rail and i’ve ridden it in anything 2ft- 2ft overhead. 


M: Best session ever:

C: Best session this year would have to the first morning out after landing mid-february in Nicaragua. We piled into the back of an off-road truck and bounced through the jungle a while only to pop out in a secluded cove to clean head high + waves peeling through the bay. Nothing like paddling out in boardshorts with the sun coming up to an empty lineup with a few friends..


Great Style!

M: When there is no surf, what are you doing/where can we expect to see you? Whats your favorite activity besides surfing?

C: When the waves go flat we’re usually playing with the dogs, riding the Carver board, or watching movies.

M: What is your favorite thing about the goFlow app?

C: goFlow is great! There is only so much you can get out of reports and cams. Having someone standing on the beach taking a picture of what is happening right then is the closest thing to being there yourself. For me its also a great way to track my sessions. I’d say 90% of my reports are after I have gotten out of the water and can tell you pretty much what came through over the last few hours.

M: What is on your iPod at the moment?

C: A pretty random assortment of Black Keys, Bob Marley, Toots & The Maytals, Sublime, City & Colour, Jessie Cook, and Winter People.

M: Whats your favorite surf movie?

C: I’m a big fan of Talyor Steele’s movies…launching all the greats like Machado, Kelly, Dorian through Momentum. The most played right now in our house would have to be Castles in the Sky. Great surfing, exotic locations, good tunes and stunning visuals. I can only stand a very small amount of time watching some kid do the same air reverse 20 times in a row to death metal music like some of the flicks out there…

M: You won 2 tickets for the “Drift” private screening at Red-Bull Cinema.  Have you seen the trailer? Thoughts on the movie?

C: Yeah, I checked out the trailer after hearing about this. It looks like a great movie and the reviews in AUS have been great. Stoked to check it out!

One last congratulations to Clayton for winning the first ever Best Surf Report of the Month contest! 

Check out one of Clayton’s reports:

Thank you Clayton for giving us such great surf-reports. So we can surf more in better conditions 🙂




I recommend everyone go check out the trailer for Drift and get hyped to see it when it releases in the United States.  Feel free to visit their website at as well.  

Be sure to check out the blog NEXT WEEK when we will have an exclusive interview with Ben Nott who directed the movie Drift!!