Spot of the Month in South California- MALIBU

This Summer our favorite spot to surf at goFlow is Malibu!

It’s the best place to surf during this time of year and picks up all the south swells. Summer is when we find Malibu at its best….

Malibu, located several miles west of the brights lights and big city of Los Angeles, has been home to some of Southern California’s finest summer surf for as long as most can remember.  Malibu not only holds some of the best summer swell, but also boasts a deep, rich, surf culture that dates as far back as the 1920’s when the waves were first known to be discovered and ridden.  Many of you “old-timers” can recall Gidget (Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman) from the 1950’s who grew up surfing and hanging around the Malibu area.  Because of Gidget’s popularity, a book, TV show, and movie were produced rather quickly in the late 1950’s which all combine to attribute to the growth and popularity of the beach-bum and surf lifestyle cultivated on the Malibu shores.  Today, Malibu continues to be world famous for the surf and surf culture that continues to flourish year after year.


Photo: Adam Reynolds

Just last month we saw our first epic summer swell that was serving up head-high waves set, after set, after set.  Nearly every surf break up and down the Malibu coastline was blessed with the swell.  The few of us who are lucky enough to reside in the area couldn’t stay out of the water and the couple perfect days can be recounted on the goFlow app dating back to early June. 


From Malibu Point and Zuma, to some of the lesser known breaks, there is a variety of unique personalities and styles that each waves holds up and down the coastline.  If you have never surfed Malibu, this is the prime time of the year to visit!  Look up the swell charts, plan your trip out here, and make sure to post your sessions on the goFlow app for all of us to like and comment!

Happy surfing!


goFlow Team