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Check out the absolute chaos at US OPEN last year in 2012!!



In just a matter of HOURS the annual VANS US OPEN OF SURFING kicks off for the 2013 year at Huntington Beach, CA!  This is the BIGGEST event in surfing to hit the SoCal shores every year and this year is no different.  Not only will we get to witness some of the best surfers in the world shred the mediocre Huntington waves, but we get to listen to Modest Mouse free of charge, and wear our latest swag to show off to all of the locals and tourists alike.  goFlow will be there and any surfer within a few hours drive would be silly not to be.  Post your reports, give us some instant status (and surf) updates during the heats, and hit the local breaks for a sweet dawn patrol sesh to get your stoke on prior to the event.  There is going to be something happening every minute in Huntington Beach while the event is going on.  Perfect weather, decent surf, and all of our favorite pros pushing the boundaries of surf competition.  This year will be one for the record books – mark my words!  Check out the preview video below:

-goFlow Team