Silicon Beach LA Interview – Robert Lambert

We hope everyone is loving the new global feature on goFlow!!  Some of the world class breaks still don’t have any reports posted yet.  This is your chance to be the first one to post at these breaks!!
In the meantime, we have an awesome new interview for all of our users! Entrepreneur, techie, or surfer – we hope you are familiar with Silicon Beach LA (Your Personal Tour Guide And The Home Of The LA Tech & Startup Community!!)  goFlow is the official app of the SBLA Surfers.  We are stoked to have their Co-Founder, Robert Lambert, share a bit more about his organization and the unlimited resources they provide to entrepreneurs, while also harvesting a surf community on the side with some exciting new events and surf trips planned in the coming months.  
So Robert…
Could you tell us a little about your organization SBLA (Silicon Beach LA)?
Silicon Beach LA is the company I started just over 2 years ago to create a ‘home’ for the LA Tech & Startup Community.  Our community hub includes a recognizable brand, numerous events each month, as well as an online resource ( which includes a map, events calendar, personal profiles, company profiles, job postings, and more.  Basically, we provide any and everything new LA entrepreneurs are looking for in regards to information and resources.
Why did you decide to start SBLA?  What was your inspiration?
The inspiration for Silicon Beach LA came from my own frustrating experiences as a first time founder back in college ( ‘07 ).  At the time I had no real knowledge of the business world (let alone entrepreneurship), I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family and to make matters worse I was without the crucial advisory network that so many founders are looking for.  After a year and a half of fighting the ‘uphill battle’ I began throwing together a resource from my experiences (contacts, companies, service providers, maps, etc).  A number of colleagues started asking to use my ‘reference guide’ and I had a light bulb moment of realization that there were probably hundreds of other founders just like me who could benefit from the resource if it was made available online.  It’s been fairly non-stop ever since.

We know that Silicon Beach has been booming with many promising tech startups for the past few years.  How does SBLA help develop and support the entrepreneurial spirit?

The entrepreneurial spirit always thrives as a result of previous success, and the success of a founder and their company is of course inter-twined. In regards to a company, one of the biggest value adds you can provide for startups aside from capital is contacts.  New founders using our site are able to connect with mentors, advisors and investors to help accelerate their growth towards acquisitions and IPOs.  We provide both online (the site) as well as offline (over 52 events this year) opportunities for people in the community to network.  Once founders know who to speak to, and where they can find those individuals, they’re usually off and running.
What does the future of SBLA look like?
Over the next year we have 3 very exciting projects planed.  First we’re going to be rolling out a new smooth/sleek website design that incorporates all of the learnings and feedback we’ve collected over our first year in beta.  Secondly, we have 3 exciting new events that we’ll be introducing to our existing calendar, with this announcement coming soon.  And finally, we’ll be be expanding the ‘footprint’ of the community site through a number of regional partnerships to increase the overall awareness of LA in other countries around the world.
…all of this and of course, global domination.

There is a strong surfing community at SBLA and we are happy to have a partnership here at goFlow.  What are some of the ways SBLA surfers utilize the goFlow app?

The most important time for any new group member is the first few days. What we love about goFLOW is that our new members, even those without Facebook accounts, are able to see what current member’s surfing habits are right on their mobile phone.  This keeps them updated with all of the latest member activity and surf conditions in LA.  We’re all about community and goFLOW is a pivotal part of the community building process.

Where is your favorite place to surf?
Right in front of the beach house at El Porto, tower 45.
Favorite board to ride day-to-day?
6’3” Haydenshapes Futureflex “The Ando”
What is your pre-surf music playlist?
Krewella Radio Station on Pandora
Do you have any exciting, new events in the near future for the SBLA surf community?
We’re currently planning a trip to Baja in our 40 foot tour bus which includes two wet bars and a hot tub.  It’s going to difficult not to have fun on this one.  Anyone interested to join can apply on our website
Thank you Robert,
We love SBLA and looking forward to see what will come next…
goFlow Team.