Best Wave EVER?!

There is quite a bit of chirping about a new candidate for the “BEST WAVE EVER.”  And it’s spreading like a wildfire through the global surfing community.  This no name wave is supposedly several miles in length and boasts nearly SEVEN different sections where you can get pitted.  The wave can be found somewhere in the remote areas of Angola, not easily accessible by any means.  This to-be-named wave is the first, most enticing discovery since Skeleton Bay was brought to the public through an infamous Google Maps search.  

Check out the 6 minute clip of pure beauty created by Davey Brand, Benji Brand, and Dan Mace – the three credited with the discovery.

My first question was…”how has a wave this epic not been discovered yet?”  But that is what makes surfing so special.  There is always something better out there.  The real question is…what’s next?