Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem

On Saturday, April 4, Ian Walsh is hosting the 12th annual Menehune Mayhem at Ho’ Okipa Beach Park.

Menehune Mayhem is a surf contest that embraces the community of Maui and the scholastic achievements of its participants.

Ian Walsh, an advocate for introducing and instilling a passion for surfing in Hawaii’s youth, created Menehune Mayhem with the support of Fox as a way of giving back to the children and teens of Maui. The one-day free event for kids 17 years & under, showcases what the surf culture and sport have to offer on Maui.​ This year will mark the12th annual of Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem.

“When I first started this event 11 years ago it started as something for the kids to look forward to and give them something to do at the beach because there was a lapse in surf events on Maui at that time.”

Last year over 150 young competitors participated in 10 divisions. We expect a great turnout this year too..and it’s not too late to enter!

To sweeten the deal even more, goFlow has teamed up with SoloShot for a giveaway!

1) Download the goFlow app
2) Upload your best Menehune Mayhem photo to goFlow
3) Share you post on Facebook with the hashtags #MenehuneMayhem and #goFlow

Judges Roni Eshel (founder of goFlow) and Ian Walsh will choose a winning photo, and that winner will receive a SoloShot Robot Camera!


Event Details:

The event begins with a beach check in for all competitors at 7:00AM on the day of the event. 12 divisions categorized by age take the stage and compete to showcase their talent on the water.  Additional awards will be given at the end of the event including SIX Surfing Academic Awards based upon GPA and seven Memorial Awards, in honor of: Andy Irons, Eric Diaz, Justin Roberson, Steve Cooney, Tristan “Turtle” Brennan, Tommy Ko’omoa, and Sion Milosky. All competitors are eligible to win these honorable memorial awards.  Congratulations to Otis Buckingham, his artwork was selected for Menehune Mayhem 2015 and will be featured on all event posters and T-shirts!

Click HERE for the Entry Form for Menehune Mayhem

goFlow & Menehune Mayhem contest Terms & Conditions

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