Coral Bleach Patrol

We are very excited to announce goFlow’s partnership with the World Surf League and Columbia University, focusing on a very important environmental project to save our coral reefs.

We call this project: Bleach Patrol

In case you wonder what Coral Bleaching is, allow me to bring you up to speed:

Coral reefs date back more than 400 million years. These intricate ecosystems cover only 0.1% of the ocean surface, but are home for more than 25% of all marine species. Due to rising water temperatures, the coral reefs are being damaged and bleached. The long term effects of coral bleaching is still undetermined, but scientists worry that the threat is greater than just the loss of coral reefs. If the reefs vanished, experts say, hunger, poverty and political instability could ensue. Since countless sea life depends on the reefs for shelter and protection from predators, the extinction of the reefs would ultimately create a domino effect that would trickle down to the many human societies that depend on those fish for food and livelihood.

There has been a 44% decline over the last 20 years in the Florida Keys, and up to 80% in the Caribbean alone.
goFlow is determined to help reduce coral bleaching, so we’ve teamed up with WSL (World Surf League) and scientists at Columbia University to track coral bleaching. Together, we have launched Bleach Patrol. Through direct observation and reporting, goFlow users can help scientists better understand and protect our coral reefs.

goFlow now allows users to upload reports of their local coral reefs, which will help scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory track coral reef conditions. By engaging our worldwide community on goFlow, we aim to improve our understanding of how these magnificent ecosystems are changing now and into the future.


To get involved, simply download the goFlow app, and upload your reports to the coral bleaching category in the mobile app! The reports that users collect and post are sent to the scientists at CU, and stored in their database. Together, we can help save our coral reefs!

If you don’t live near a beach with reefs, you can still help! Please help us spread the word, and tell your friends to download goFlow to get involved!

You can read more about the project here:

Let’s save the ocean together!


The goFlow Team

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