Meet The Pro: Kassia Meador

Former pro surfer Kassia Meador is one accomplished woman. For one, it only took her teenage self a whopping two years to go from surf novice to pro. Now, she’s the brains behind a burgeoning namesake activewear brand, Kassia Surf. And, when she’s not getting down to business, she can be found facilitating sound baths at a local LA yoga studio, making magical morning concoctions (yerba mate, reishi, cocoa and more coming right up!) in her Topanga Canyon kitchen, or out on the waves.

As busy as Meador may be, she still embodies the phrase she uses generously, good vibes. We probed the pro on her daily rituals and what’s next. Head to the blog for the chat.

What is your current motto?
The revolution for evolution. That’s what it’s about.

What’s your morning routine?

I usually wake up at 7am. I make a cup of Yerba Mate before I get out the door. I put coconut oil, some mushrooms (reishi, chaga, cordyceps), a little cayenne pepper if it’s cold, raw cocoa and a little honey in it. I take my little fox [a Shiba Inu named Aruka] on a walk unless the surf is pumping, and then I jam straight to the beach and let her run around the parking lot.

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What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?
Oh geez. What was I doing at 22? A whole bunch of nonsense. I’d say, it’s all going to be ok. Take more time and don’t try to do so much all at once because you’ll miss out on so much beauty and the moments and being present.

What was the moment you realized surfing was a true calling and not just a hobby for you?
For me it was after the fact. It was nothing I ever anticipated. I had so much energy and surfing was a place I could actually exhaust myself and continue to learn. And it happened really fast. I started surfing at 14. Then, by the time I was 18 and graduating high school, I’d already been surfing professionally for two years, traveling around the world. It was crazy how quick it was.


How did you start surfing?

My dad surfed. He would get one week a year in San Diego to surf, so he never really taught us. We just boogie-boarded in the shorebreak. Then I did junior lifeguards when I was 14 and after our sessions they had paddleboards that we would surf until we got picked up. It was classic because they didn’t have leashes on them and you had to take turns with everyone that wanted to surf. So, if someone fell, someone else would grab your board and then you were done. So, it was all about surfing and hanging on to your board as long as you could. I think that’s part of why I learned fast as well.

Tell us about your surf and activewear line Kassia Surf…

We launched last year, April 2015 after two years of working diligently on it. We just came out with our Stance collaboration, making some cool socks. And some amazing reversible surf leggings. We also just made neoprene bikinis. Everything we’re creating is repurposed fabric from our original collection. My whole ethos is not throwing anything away. I wanted to make things more consciously. As a surfer you use a lot of petroleum-based products; so, how do we offset our [foot]print? That’s something I wanted to put into the ethos of my line. And making quality over quantity, making things so they would last.


What’s next for Kassia Surf?

We are planning to build the line into more athletic wear. It’s everything I’m about: empowering ourselves mind, body, wellness and spirit. What I know the most is surf, but I love yoga, hiking and being active.

What keeps you in your flow?

I think the things that keep me most in flow are surfing and meditation. Meditation is something that I notice every day if I miss it. Same thing with surfing. I feel it if I miss a day. Obviously the waves aren’t great every day, so something like yoga is cool. As long as I’m doing something active and keeping my mind still, that keeps me in my flow. On a perfect day, if I can do a meditation, surfing and a little bit of work, it’s the perfect balance.

What is one thing you always do before bed?

I’m a big tea drinker. I love a turmeric tea before bed with a little bit of milk and a little bit of honey. A simple whole milk. I’m simple like that. It’s a perfect night cap. Tea in the morning, tea at night. That’s what’s up.


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