Kassia Surf’s Favorite Malibu Spots

Recently we introduced you to surf pro-turned-entrepreneur Kassia Meador. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Meador calls Topanga Canyon home. Given her deep SoCal roots we figured there’s no better guide to a few of neighboring Malibu’s best spots – from the perfect surf to the best breakfast burrito by far.

If you’re getting in a surf session before heading to the office, where are you off to?

Since I live in Topanga, especially in the winter months I’ll head down to Topanga. It’s so much fun on the high tide. This time of year is my favorite for surfing there – before school lets out or after the holidays are over. I really like coming down to Venice when there’s a combo windswell. I also really enjoy surfing north Malibu near Zero’s, County Line and all of those cool places.

When you’ve got more time on your hands, where are you headed post-surf?

If I go poke around, Sefari Outpost is an awesome new shop. They have so many good books, a cool vibe, there’s so much inspiration there. I always go to Sun Life for a juice. They have this one called the Mystic that is like a smoothie, it’s next level. And one called Zuma Canyon with fennel in it that I love.

What are some of your favorite local meals?

John’s Garden in the Country Mart is always a stop off for me. There’s also this little burrito spot called Country Kitchen that has the best breakfast burrito – there are tater tots in it. John [from John’s Garden] and his brother both owned those years ago. One went healthy, and one went the burrito route. Country Kitchen looks like a hole in the wall. You’d never know to go in there. They have really good coffee. It’s the best. $5, you can’t go wrong. And now, the fact that they opened up The Farm on the end of the Malibu pier, after surfing getting a bite to eat at the Farm while watching the moon rise and the surf still coming in is epic.

When you’re not surfing, what is your favorite place to be outside?

My favorite place to be is in the mountains or in the desert. I love both of those places. The desert, there’s so much thickness in the stillness and so much noise in nothing. The fact that it was all covered by water at some point. You can be hundreds of miles from the coast and seashells. I love that. I love nature. I guess that’s what drew me to surfing.

I grew up in the Valley so it was a lot of concrete and then also old Agoura before it was all built up. We were always hiking and building forts and finding caves. That’s a part of me that’s still… This morning I hiked to a cave. I was in a cave and meditating just this morning.

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