Local Expert Spotlight: Kameron Waters


Pulling up in his 1970s red and white VW Vanagon, it would be hard to imagine that Kameron Waters could be cooler than his van, but after being with him for only a minute, you know the person you’re speaking to is one special person. We are lucky to have Kameron as a local expert for Los Angeles and a session with him will be one you will never forget.

Kameron looks and acts like a native Californian, but Kameron moved to Los Angeles five years ago from Atlanta, his hometown. “I love the open mindedness of California and the acceptance of the abstract and the artistic,” Kameron says. “It’s becoming more open in Atlanta, with the film industry moving there and stuff like that. But for the most part in Georgia, it’s not as wild and not as supportive of people going out on a limb and doing things on the edge and fringes.”

Five years ago, Kameron Los Angeles to pursue his career as a professional drummer five years ago. Although Kameron does not work as a drummer anymore, music is still a huge part of his life and helps guide his daily outlook and philosophy. He credits new wave synthpop, electronic music and top artists like Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and Bob Marley for influencing him.

His new creative outlet has been starting a daily vlog, where he provides daily entertainment capturing his adventures. Given the rigorous commitment, it took Kameron some time to realize that he wanted to start a daily vlog, but he found inspiration from other influencers to document his life everyday. “Casey Neistat is a huge influence right now. I love how he follows his flow, which is kind of what this whole thing is about for me [daily vlogging]. He is literally creating his reality every single day.”

Kameron is also deeply involved in the pursuit of flow, which is the heart of what goFlow is about. He has a deep understanding of flow and how it can benefit you in all situations.

“Flow is a state of being that is timeless, as in you lose your sense of awareness of time. It is selfless, you also lose your own sense of self in the egoic way. You mold into your surroundings or your environment or the activity, and become one with it. And it is effortless. Those things that seemed impossible or difficult or strenuous become easy for that moment because the intuition; the biomechanical feedback loop is closed where conscious mind isn’t responding to the activity, it is subconscious mind. When you’re on a wave you have an instantaneous feedback move with every little minor move you make. You’re going to fall or turn or do whatever that is for that micromovement. You get into this state where you’re at one with the wave. The same thing could happen in a conversation with a person or with people. When you’re in the flow that is when the magic really happens.”

A session with Kameron will be way more than an hour out surfing. Kameron will introduce you to new ideas and ways of thinking. In a way, surfing will be secondary to everything else you will learn like yoga, nutrition, the meaning of flow and much more. You will see his extremely cool VW Vanagon, meet his insanely cute dog Scout, and see what drives Kameron through his life.


Book a session with Kameron and get the complete Flow State Surf Experience.  Head out for a surf, talk music & vloging, meet his dog “Scout”, check out the “vanagon” and come to understand your personal flow state.

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