Ready, Steady, Fall – Tips for Maximizing the Stoke this Season with LA Local Expert Giancarlo Ranaudo

There may be heatwave currently winding its way through Southern California, but it’s still officially Fall in the Northern Hemisphere.  That means an end to 8pm sunset surf and paddle sessions after work and eventually a cooling off of the ocean and the air.  We may not have extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations here in SoCal, but we definitely notice a change that affects our flow sport rituals & routines.  We caught up with Los Angeles Local Expert, Giancarlo Ranaudo, to learn more about how the onset of Fall changes his surfing flow and to get some sagely advice on how to maximize the fun during this time.

Q1: What’s the first thing you notice that tells you Summer is officially over and Fall has begun?

Need a colder wetsuit!

Q2: Does the change of season affect your surfing? 

Yes, direction of swell changes.

Q3: Where do you go to take advantage of the swell change?

Anywhere in Malibu up to Silver Strand.

Q4: How about world wide?

North Shore Hawaii

Q5: Do you have a special training routine to prep for the Fall/Winter season you recommend for our goFlow athletes?

Breathing exercises, Wim Hof method. Always doing something active every week and keep doing cardio. You’ll need it on those big days.

Q6: How about food? Do you change up your diet at all?


Q7: Where is your favorite spot in Los Angeles/SoCal to fuel up before or after your sessions?

Fiesta Feast on Sunset Blvd near PCH.

Q8: Is there any equipment you buy or change out for Fall? 

Bring out the bigger wave boards, usually smaller and more maneuverable.

Q9: Where should we go if we need to stock up a bigger wave board in LA?

Go to Bay Street Boards in Santa Monica! They have every board size you could need.

Q10: Finally, is there a special Fall adventure you will take goFlow Athletes on if they book and Experience with you?

The Experience is a package deal. I go off of the clients energy and willingness to push boundaries.

Thanks Giancarlo for the great tips to help us all flow gracefully into the Fall surf season.  If you’d like to head out for a Fall surf session with Giancarlo, you can book an Experience with him through the goFlow app.  And as he just told us, he will cater it to suit you!

Book an Experience with Giancarlo, or any of our other amazing Local Experts before 10/15/16 and you’ll get:

$20 Credit


or open this link on your iPhone

Giancarlo Ranaudo


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