Local Expert Spotlight: Giancarlo Ranaudo

goFlow tribe, meet Giancarlo: Surfer., Musician, Real Estate Professional, and one of our goFlow Local Experts in Los Angeles!  We recently had a chance to catch up with Giancarlo and get to know a little more about him.

1. Tell us a little about you.
Born and raised in Santa Monica, the ocean has always been a tool for me to express myself. From boogie boarding and surfing at summer camps to lounging on the beaches of Malibu, the salt swept sea has earned its spot as my second home. I feel more comfortable in the water than sitting in traffic on the 405. This synergy with my environment has shaped my love for the water and pushes me to teach others about this balance (no pun intended).
2. What inspired you to start surfing? What age?
I had a friend who’s dad would always take us out – starting age 14 – we would go to Bay Street and surf early in the morning and I had never experienced the rising sun before or how cold it could get in the winter. I felt like I was experiencing a different city!
3. Where are your favorite spots for a surf in LA & why?
Most of them are secret 😉 but I love to surf Malibu Surfrider First Point when I feel like dealing with crowds. County Line and Leo Carrillo are both fun as well. When I want a beach break I like to stay local in Santa Monica or head to Zuma or go south to El Porto.
4. What about around the world?
There’s something about Hawaii that fits so well with surfing. It is ingrained into everyone’s life there. I think with every good spot there needs to be good culture surrounding it.
5. When you head out to take someone for goFlow Experience, where would you take them?  Or what would an goFlow Session with Giancarlo look like?
I would assess what the client’s goals are, and go off of what they want to experience. There are different levels and thresholds of experience when surfing. Some spots are calmer and some more aggressive. It’s all about having fun in the end, and there’s no shortage of that wherever you end up.
6. Longboard or shortboard, or both?
I’ve been recently gravitating towards my 9’2.5″ Barahona Classic Noserider, it’s the epitome of a soul rider, and it makes me so happy to ride it, almost as if I’m gliding effortlessly and with grace. When the waves kick up I’ll jump on my 7’2″ Bruce Jones Single Fin Egg to get my feet wet and if it’s really cranking move to my 6’4″ Bing Bonzer…it’s the fastest thing I’ve ever ridden and just goes. Turns are magically finessed and it just feels like a different animal.
7. What is your favorite thing about surfing?
It is my meditation, and workout, and soul recharger.
8. You’re also a musician, tell us more about that
I’ve been playing violin since the fourth grade, and have kept it up for the past 18+ years. I stopped playing after high school for four years because life got hectic but I desperately was seeking out a way to express myself like I once did when I was playing. I would be listening to 91.5 KUSC (classical station) and want to create those sounds. There’s something so pure, real and cool about creating noise, in rhythm, in time, and in tune. 🙂 I also teach violin at the Cornerstone Music Conservatory in Santa Monica. My father is a pianist and played at the Beverly Hills Hotel for many years in the lounge. Music is in my blood, fortunately. I’m classically trained but my style has gravitated towards bluegrass, gypsy jazz, klezmer…there’s so much to learn!
9. And a Real Estate Agent too! Is that another passion of yours?
I always wanted to be an architect growing up, I’m artistic, precise, and imaginative. I was at UCLA finishing up my BA in Anthropology, and the mortgage crisis hit in 2008. People and industries were still recovering several years later and everyone in architecture grad school told me there were no jobs, and not to go into architecture etc. I found this to be somewhat uninspiring, as jobs are usually what we reward ourselves after all that expensive schooling. I figured I could enjoy architecture as much if I sold the house, instead of building it. So that was my transition into real estate. I was working at a restaurant down the street and walked into the brokerage wanting to make something of myself. I’m currently a licensed Realtor at the same place where I started, going into my fifth year in the business at Sotheby’s International Realty in the Pacific Palisades.
10. How do you balance all three? (real estate, surf and music)
They all coincide. I make time for all three. Sometimes you have to negotiate and some activities receive more time than others. I’m almost always on call in real estate so that is interesting as well. Have to stay flexible.
11. What does “Flow State” mean to you.
In vinyasa yoga, you learn about the breath. You learn about flow. You learn about getting into this zone. That mindset where you push yourself past the point of exhaustion and you just go. You don’t think you just react. That is the flow state. I make it a point to push myself past the point of contentment so that I am always getting stronger and evolving with the flow. At one with that exact moment in time and being present and grateful. I think that is what flow state means to me, and surfing helps bring me closer to that energy.
Get out there and test your limits and discover your surf flow state with Giancarlo as your Expert guide!  Right now, book an Experience with Giancarlo and get

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