Oahu Travel Guide: 5 Reasons Why Oahu Should Be on Your Bucket List

Our goFlow Community Manager in San Diego, Jacob Fishman shares his adventures, and recommendations for maximizing the fun and flow when visiting the beautiful and in many ways magical island of Oahu. Get ready to start daydreaming or planning your next trip…

For the whole month of September, I spent living on the North Shore of Oahu at my families home. Usually my annual trip to the North Shore consists of surfing, eating, and sleeping multiple times a day, but this trip was different. When the surf was minimal, we decided to venture out of the area and experience more of what the island had to offer! Here is my Oahu Travel Guide:

Oahu Travel Guide: 5 reasons to visit Oahu


First on my Oahu Travel Guide is waterfalls – Hawaii is nothing short of beautiful waterfalls – They can be found throughout the Island. But which waterfall to choose?

Kapena Falls


Just got off the plane in Honolulu and looking for an immediate adventure?  Tucked away alongside of the Pali highway is Kapena Falls. This uncrowded swimming hole is an easy 5 minute walk from The Nuuanu Memorial Park Scenic Overlook and is great for anyone in need of a quick adventure!

Lulumahu Falls


This 50-ft waterfall is worth the 1.7 mile hike, as it truly gives you the real Hawaii experience – Green, muddy, and wet. For anyone in need of an off the grid adventure, Lulumahu Falls is for you.



Local residents take pride in their fresh fish and irresistible Acai bowls. But which $14 bowl of fruit is the best? Travel to the North Shore of Oahu and you can indulge in the multitude of food trucks and hole in the wall restaurants that will leave your taste buds screaming with euphoria.

Poke: Kahuku Superettenear the Kahuku Golf Course, is hailed as the best and freshest poke on the island.


Acai: Crispy Grindz. Parked across from the famous Banzai Pipeline surf break is the food truck Crispy Grindz, specializing in Brazilian cuisine. Don’t let the $10 price tag scare you off, your stomach will be thankful for every penny you spent.




Don’t spend hundreds of dollars swimming with one dolphin at a hotel – instead swim with hundreds of wild ones at Makua Beach on the West Side of Oahu. They come into the shallow waters early in the morning, so make sure you are get there between 6-7 am.



Oahu is a hikers paradise, so indulge in every spot this island has to offer

East Side: Chinaman’s Hat


One of the most famous Hawaiian folk tails is that of Chinaman’s Hat, where a giant Chinese Man rests on the ocean floor with his hat (the island) as the only thing sticking out of the water. This little island is one of the more popular attractions of the East Side of the island, but very few actually make the journey to the island. Rent a kayak or surfboard and paddle to the island and enjoy a private beach and tide pools. The area is known to have a lot of jellyfish, so keep that in mind before you go!


West Side: Mount Lahilahi


Famous for being one of the smallest mountains in the world, this quick but vertical rock climb will leave you with unbelievable views of the West Coast of the island. The peak is a great place for whale and turtle watching, so keep an eye out!


North Shore: Ehukai Pillbox Hike


Being one of the first lines of defense during World War 2, the island is teaming with abandoned bunkers built within the mountains. This 2.1 mile hike will get your legs burning, but the reward of being on top overlooking the whole North Shore is worth it. Pack a lunch and picnic on top of the bunker!

Tips for Hiking on Oahu:

  1. DO NOT bring your prized electronics: Oahu rains almost every day, so unless you have a dry bag, leave your electronics at home
  2. Be weary of what you leave in your car: People can tell if you are driving around in a rental car, so don’t risk your car getting broken into and you loosing your most prized valuables. Leave them at home!
  3. Bring clothes and shoes that can get dirty: Don’t wear your pair of  $1,000 Yeezy shoes unless you want them to get muddy forever. I always come prepared with a towel and an extra pair of clothes to change in when I get back to the car.



Hundreds of people come every day to North Shore to watch the Sunset. Ironically, the best place to watch the sunset is actually Sunset Beach!  Get there early to grab a good parking spot and get ready to watch the best free shows earth has to offer.


Oahu is by far one of my favorite places in the world, with really everything to offer. When I think I have become somewhat of an expert of the area, I am surprised to find yet another epic destination right under my nose. Hopefully this Oahu Travel Guide will convince you to book that trip to Oahu!

Thanks Jacob!  If you want more daily inspiration to entice the outdoor adventurist in you, download the goFlow app and join a community of awesome outdoor enthusiasts from all around the planet!

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