My goFlow Gratitude List

Whether or not you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, cultivating and expressing gratitude are an important part of being and staying in your “flow state”. I try to find gratitude everyday, not just during this time of year, because I find it helps me maintain a positive and happy state of mind.

That said, one of the things I am grateful for on a daily basis is all of you goFlow Tribers! To show you my appreciation, I have comprised a list of just a few of the many things I’m grateful for this year, using your amazing goFlow posts as my inspiration and illustrations.

1.Dawn Patrol – It’s early morning. It’s quiet. It’s probably not crowded, and it’s usually nice and glassy. You might also catch an incredible sunrise.  Nothing sets the day up for success like a sweet morning session at my favorite spots.


2.Airtime – Catching some airtime is one of the most exhilarating feelings (and it makes for some pretty cool photos). Whether you’re mastering a new trick or just flying high cause it’s fun, airtime rules!image-1-9

goFlow Local Expert (Rio de Janeiro), JD Eddie
goFlow Local Expert (Rio de Janeiro), Bàrbara Rizzeto

3.Getting Barreled – There’s nothing quite like that moment, when the wave pitches over, hollows out and envelopes you into that “magic place”.barrelledimg_00564.Chill Time – Bonfires & BBQs with friends or relaxing by yourself, feeling nature all around you. Chill time is an essential part of “flow state” and living the good life.img_0057chill time 2.jpg5.Dogs – The outdoor adventurer’s best friend (yes I’m a dog owner and a bit biased here)! Dogs are always excited to join you on your excursions, and they seem to have mastered the art of being in the moment. They always live in their “flow state”.


6.Adventuring with friends – Exploring uncharted terrain and finding new spots with your crew is one of life’s both simple and thrilling pleasures.adventures1adventures

7.Hangtime – Finding that place of perfect balance where you feel at one with your board and the elements, and you just want to hang there forever.

goFlow Local Expert (Los Angeles) and Pro Skater, Eric Tuma
goFlow Local Expert (Los Angeles) & Pro Surfer, Kassia Meador


8.Groms   – I love the groms! They’re cute. They’re fierce. And when they start to find their flow they are pure stoke and joy.grom-1groms-2

9.Yoga  – On the beach, upon a Paddleboard, in the woods or in your living room.  Yoga is grounding, humbling, inspiring and blissful. All the makings of a perfect “flow sport”. It’s also an incredible training tool to help one excel at their other sports.img_0073

10.Post-Session Treats – After a really long session, a delicious treat is extra satisfying.  I usually aim for something healthy, but sometimes a giant basket of fries or a cocktail by the sea is the perfect compliment to a long day of

11.Rainbows – What else can I say? They just bring a smile to my face.rainbows

12.Sunsets  – Saying goodnight to the sun. At these moments, I am grateful for another amazing day that ends with a spectacular sky show, courtesy of Mother Nature.sunsetssunsets-2sunsets 3.jpg

Thank you for checking out my gratitude list.  I hope it has given you some joy and inspiration as all your posts do for me every day.  I can’t wait to see the amazing stuff you will be posting on goFlow next.  And remember, if you enjoyed these, you can follow those who posted them and favorite their pics. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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