goFlow Presents: Surfing Santas

(Cover photo courtesy of surfparkcentral)

What does Santa do when he’s not busy delivering presents?  He surfs of course (and skateboards, SUPs and kiteboards too!) Just like us, Santa likes to get out and have a little flow time on his favorite boards.  We plowed through Instagram photos of Santa’s sporting adventure moments to generate this list of “Surfing Santas” from all around the world.

1. Santa (pirateinparis) knows how to enjoy a little “hang time”


2. Santa also loves a fun SUP-surf session. (photo courtesy of pacificahotels)


3.Sometimes Santa (thesurfboardwarehouse) takes a break from the waves to enjoy a tropical SUP with Mrs. Claus.


4. Santa (stand.up.paddle) is also down with a SUP session in a colder climate, like in Boras, Sweden.


5. Santa (trainers_sb) has also been know to crush it on a skateboard.


6. Mrs Claus (tiffanysbody) skates too!


7. Santa (could_shoulder_cafe) likes to hit the lip.


8. Santa (changingtidestreatment) loves getting a big phat barrel.


9. And if the wind picks up, Santa (birthdaycomp) grabs his kiteboard.

kitesurf santa.jpg

10. However Mrs Claus (kitesurfing_mag) is the kitesurf master.

kitesurf claus.jpg

11. Santa (flymlb) says what are you waiting for?  Get out and have an amazing Holiday surf, skate, SUP or kiteboard session! And don’t forget to share your pics with your friends on goFlow.


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