Stand Up Paddle and Yoga Expert Bianca Guimarães

Meet the incredible and beautiful SUP Racer and SUP Yogi, Bianca Guimarães! We’re thrilled to have her as one of our goFlow Local Experts in Rio! Let’s learn a little more about Bianca…

(Interview translated by the author)

Tell a little about yourself (including something you think nobody knows!)?

[Nobody knows] my heartwarming story of first SUPRACE championship in Brazil.

My first SUPRACE championship at Canto do Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro, was ominous. After days of rain in Rio de Janeiro , the ocean surf was crazy… the waves were crashing full force, making it impossible to start on the sand. I thought, they would cancel the event, but no! There were more than 10 firefighters to help athletes get out past the surf.

I finally got up the courage to pass those waves on my SUP. I was trembling from head to toe. I took a deep breath and began to say to myself … You can! FFF …. strength, focus & faith!

And so … with conscious breathing and stroke, rhythm and balance, I become a champion!

Body balance was the key factor in my victory on this great day! Ufa!


Who or what was your inspiration to start practicing stand up paddleboarding?

My inspiration was Nicole Pacelli, champion of Sup Wave! I met her at the ROXY Brasil stand at the Wakeboard World Championship in Belo Horizonte. And for Yoga and SUPRACE, my dear friend Minas Gerais and nutritionist Isabella Vorccaro who lives in Rio.

Who has been your most influential mentor all these years?

Certainly my amazing sponsors, in my early athletic career. Starboard and Billabong encouraged me a lot. And today the ROXY Brazil, representing the #popsurf and #roxyfitness collection.

What are your favorite spots in Rio de Janeiro? Why?

For SUPYOGA, in Rio, ideally Guaratiba!  But in Rio, Arraial do Cabo is paradise for SUPYOGA! It has calm water and tranquility to practice the asanas on the SUP.

For SUP, crossing to the Tijuca Islands! You get an incredible sense of satisfaction when you arrive at the islands.

For yoga, Pedra Bonita overlooking São Conrado, is a magical place to meditate and practice breathing techniques.


What about the rest of the world? Where are your favorite places?

California is my favorite place to practice SUP & SUPYOGA.

What can people expect when they book a goFlow Experience with you?

Pure Life! A lot of positive energy to share! Mind & body & universal connection!

What type of board and equipment do you prefer? Any recommendations for beginners??

For surfboard and paddleboards I recommend Starboard. For beginners, I recommend wider SUP boards, over 32 “.


Do you prefer a traditional SUP, inflatable or big SUP?

Traditional SUP for greater stability.

What do you like most about SUP?

Practicing yoga, floating on the water and contemplating nature is energizing! It renews energy, renews the soul and the body!

Connecting with the SUP spirit, the board and paddling take you to a special, peaceful and quiet place, where you become one with the universe. At sunset or sunrise, it is an infinite pleasure!

The SUPYOGA lifestyle creates a positive vibe flowing through the body, and brings vitality and self-confidence by enabling self-esteem and well-being!

Bibi - 050.jpg

What are your other hobbies and passions?

I am also in love with suspended Yoga or Yoga FLY, aerial yoga or Yoga Swing. I started practicing them in California and then began practicing yoga on the mat and soon after the SUP.

Any tips to enhance your experience before or after a SUP session? (Food, preparation etc.)

Before the session: Eat a banana or a small bar before going out on the water, because water sports make you very hungry.

After the session: Make sure to rehydrate or refuel with acai.

What does the term “Flow State” mean to you?

Let life flow …. Trust in the divine universe! Balanced body, lightness of soul and joy for life!

Describe the Rio de Janeiro 5 words or less.

Rio, wonderful city! I Love!

If you would like learn more about Bianca, you can follow her on the goFlow app.  Or better yet, you can book an Experience for SUP or SUP Yoga with Bianca and experience flow state in Rio. Book a session now and enjoy:

R$ 30 off your first SUP session 

Use code: BIANCA 


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