Heart and Soul: Bárbara Rizzeto – Surfing Champion

Meet goFlow Local Expert, Bárbara Rizzeto – World Traveler and Surfing Champion (including a bronze medal for Brazil at the ISA World Championship 2009). Even with all the success in her competitive career, Barbara continues to give more value to what she really cares about – surfing, nature, trips to new places and, of course, friends! All this and her signature calling card: a beautiful, sincere and irresistible smile.

We asked Barbara to tell us more about her surfer life (and what makes her such an incredible and charismatic person). And this is what she revealed to us:

Tell a little about yourself (including what you think nobody knows!)?  I am passionate about sports, but nothing makes me happier than surfing. Since I got my first wave, with 10 years, I have never stopped. I’ll give anything for a day of surfing and cancel any commitments if the forecast shows good waves. People say “You’re always smiling!”, and question why. I always say, it is surfing’s fault! haha.

Besides surfing, I love to travel,. I do not get tired of meeting people, different places and cultures. Formerly, surfing was my job, since I was state champion, Niterói bi-champion, third place in the Brazilian ranking for two consecutive years, and have represented the Brazil at the World Games Isa, at the equator, which won the team bronze medal.

I believe in the world. the differences and problems are created by us. , In fact, everyone can be friends, can do well and live well,  if only people will take the opportunity to get to know one another and be more tolerant. A first smile can open many doors.

One thing that no one knows …I’m hyperactive! I think you can see, but overall no one should be sure of that! hahaha!!


Who was your inspiration to start practicing surfing?

I had a beach house in Saquarema, and I was always fascinated watching the surfers. My parents were my main inspiration, until they put me in kindergarten. Once I started, I became a big fan of Claudia, now a great friend. At that time, she was adored, not only for surfing, but the friendliness and the way she treated the fans. This is what I admire most in an athlete. Not to mention that I loved her Flowing Girls Interviews, because despite being a surfer, she never lost her feminine knack. It was without a doubt a different time, when the girls had only shorts and half men’s clothing to surf in.

Who was your most influential mentor or all these years?

My parents, who have always supported me at a time when surfing not very highly regarded, and a surfing girl was a rarity. They were amazing, never doubted my potential, and spared no effort to help me follow my dreams. Also Benjamin, who was my coach, idol and great teacher. Besides teaching me to surf and compete, he had great influence on my development as a person. I am very grateful for all this.


What are your favorite peaks in Rio de Janeiro? Because?

Canto do Recreio, because it’s like my home. I know the wave very well and always meet up with friends out there! And it’s a constant super peak, with several different options; one wave beside the other (post 11, 10, 9, Macumba …). And also really like Saquarema, where I learned to surf. I took my first wave  and I won my first championship there. Finally, the left corner of Grumari, because besides being beautiful, when conditions are good is an epic Esquerdinha.

And the world? What are your favorite peaks? Beng beng in Mentawai is the most fun wave I have ever surfed in my life. A perfect left without end! hahaha. Also I love Pavones, Costa Rica, another endless left. And Chicama e Lobitos, in Peru, if it is left open and I have it to myself! hahaha


Tell me what you want to offer in your goFlow Experience. When you go out with someone for an Experience, where you will take them? Or what can they expect from a session with you? 

My goal  is to pass on some of my surfing knowledge to people who want to begin the sport and also for those who already surf and want to evolve and improve their performance. We will always seek the best and most fun conditions!

What board (equipment) you use? What do you recommend for beginners?

I love to surf with short boards. In my collection, I have a 4.8, 5.0, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8 and 6.0. My everyday board is my 5.6.

For beginners, I recommend a longboard (about 9 feet), it is the easiest and most fun way to learn to surf.


What do you like most about surfing?

Surfing taught me to live a healthy lifestyle, inspired me travel the globe for good waves and brought me some amazing friendships all over the world. In the ocean all people are equal, there is no social class, there are no differences, everyone can just enjoy nature. No doubt this sport made me a better person. Happy, healthy, and made money and material goods have less importance. Real happiness is what the sea, friends, surf and the small things in life.

What are your other hobbies or passions?

I love playing guitar, skateboarding, spending the evening with friends on the beach and traveling.


A tip for before and one for after your session (food, preparation etc).

Before the session is important put on sunscreen, eat well (water, bananas are important) not forget the wax and always have a leash that’s in good condition. After the session, it is important restore your energy and drink water. And an açai is always a good snack!

What experessão “Follow the Flow” mean to you?

Go after what makes you feel good and free. No one can control the waves, you must learn to deal with many situations, adapt and see the good side of things. Let it be! hahaha

Describe Rio de Janeiro in at most 5 words.

Summer, nature, beautiful, fun, épic.

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