Street Surfing with Adriano Sakumoto

We all know that Skateboarding was born during the flat days in California and all its origin comes from Surfing… But each and every day, skateboarding is getting more close to its “creator”. And that’s exactly what Adriano Sakumoto is offering on his goFlow Experience, introducing an equipment that he is calling “Surf Simulator”. It’s like surfing, but on dry and solid surfaces. We are pleased to introduce you to the Street Surfing and to one of our magnificent Local Experts from São Paulo.

(Interview translation provided by the author)

Tell a little about yourself (including something you think no one knows).

I’m a young guy, in my thirties, who only thinks about skateboarding. I have a team, the “Street Surfing” that is trying to evolve this new skateboard, called Surf Simulator. My main goal in life is to became a big entrepreneur in sports, specially in this area of surfing and skateboarding.

Who was your inspiration to start practicing skateboarding?

Ben Collison (watch video)  – skateboarder and surfer.


Who was your greatest influencer or mentor growing up?

The singer Chorão, from the Brazilian band Charlie Brown Jr.

What are your favorite spots in São Paulo? And why?

The Minhocão Park – it’s less crowded and has a lot of cool downhills. We also named one of the hills “Surfing Street Hill“, because it’s a spot that we are always riding.

Tell us what you offer on your goFlow Experiences. What can people expect when they book a Session with you?

I want to share rides, trips, classes and, of course, friendship! I noticed that this category is growing very fast, but only a few people have the abilities and knowledge to give a nice class and offer a good Experience to their students, improving their skills and building some confidence.

I developed a new method that is very easy to learn and to adapt to each one’s style, respecting their limits and originality. There is not a standard way to ride or to do tricks, so you need to help beginners to bring their own style, but also give them the right tips.

There is no standardization of style or maneuvering, but within the style, you can make a more authentic maneuver. The places where the student will be taken will be parks, enclosed streets or somewhere suggested by him, where it is possible to skate.


Which type of board do you use? What do you recommended for beginners?

I use a Surf Simulator board from USBOARDS, but I changed the griptape to a Grizzly and the I use Bones Red bearings and Hondar wheels – 70mm 86A.

What do you like the most about Skateboarding?

The real feeling of being surfing on the streets.

What are your other hobbies and passions?

Boxing, workout and, of course, surfing.


Any tips for before and for after your session (food, preparation etc)?

A good warm up and some light healthy food before the session. Bring all your safety equipments, such as helmet, knee and elbow pads and gloves. After the session, a good stretch is also recommended.

What does the expression “being in your flow” mean to you?

Go through with ease, following what the pace offers you.

Describe São Paulo in 5 words or less.

The Concrete Jungle.
Selva de pedras.

If you’d like to give street surfing a try, then book a session with Adriano Sakumoto on the goFlow app. Use his promo code to save on your Experience.

$R 30 off your Experience

use code: SURFDARUA

or this link

*SURFDARUA code is good for $R30 off a goFlow Experience with Adrian Sakumoto. One code can be used per person. Code valid for sessions booked before 31/12/17.

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