Best of Summer 2016/2017


What goes around, always comes back around, right? And so, another Summer came to an end, the favorite season among 10 out of 10 outdoor sports. The equinox in the Southern Hemisphere ended on March 20, culminating 3 months of sun, warmth, sea, surfing, skateboarding and a lot of healthy life.

Everybody became more active during this period with go with the flow as their goal, with people practicing all sorts of activities, exploring and enjoying the holidays and the moments of fun.

Life is a cycle, and next year there will be plenty more chances to celebrate summer in nature doing your favorite sports! Meanwhile, we collected some of the best moments of summer with our goFlow Community. Sit back, relax and enjoy all these memories. Soon, summer will be knocking on your door again!



Waves are not big very often during the summer, but sometimes, this rule is broken. With some perfect days like these, people didn’t take too long to get their boards and run for the water!

And surfer, bodyboarders and skimboards took advantage of summer waves and ripped!

Some choose to stay by the shore, enjoying the sun with their best friends.

Others, got in the water just to catch that artistic moment.

Image-1 (14)


On the hot days of summer, wind always comes to refresh. And so, the kitesurfers take to the sea…

Image-1 (32)

Summertime is perfect to go out for a paddle. Doesn’t matter if in group or by yourself.

And there was a guy that preferred the Moonlight and the stars to take his SUP and paddle.


Ready for a skateboard session?

During the summer, there is no time to have fun. And it doesn’t matter how!


And not even with you are an Expert or are just starting.

Image-1 (10)

Image-1 (20)

If you want more of these great pics or want to share your own with the goFlow Tribe, download goFlow onto your smart phone and come flow with us…

See you next Summer…

Image-1 (19)

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