Surfing and Photography with Allan Gandra

Allan Gandra is known as one of the greatest masters at Praia da Macumba, his local spot at Rio de Janeiro. Everybody knows what he can do when he is riding his longboard. Everyday, after his early morning session, he gets his camera and go out to shoot some photos of his friends and other lucky surfers on the lineup. For a while now, Gandra has been standing out through the lens, presenting a unique view on how to catch the best frames from the best tricks on surfing.

Allan is a former 3x Longboarding Brazilian Master Champion and had already training some of the biggest names of Brazilian longboarding, such as Marcelo Freitas, Atalanta Batista, Chloé Calmon e Roger Barros. Oh, and he also teaches some TV celebrities. 

Now, he joined goFlow Local Experts team and is waiting to take you on an awesome surf session with the best pics.


Tell a little about yourself (including something you think no one knows).

I started surfing at Arpoador, in the eighties…

Who was your inspiration to start surfing?

The older surfers. In the beginning, I used to go to the beach and stayed watching the waves and them surfing. I knew from the start that this is what I wanted to do for a living… Surfing!!

Who was your greatest influencer or mentor growing up?

I would say that was myself.

What are your favorite spots?

Recreio and Macumba, cause I live right in front of Macumba Beach and I wake up early everyday in front of home.


Tell us what you offer on your goFlow Experiences. What can people expect when they book a Session with you?

I will introduce my students to Surfing and all share all my knowledge giving some tips and trainings, always trying to look for the best conditions possible, and adapting for his level.

Which type of board do you use? What do you recommended for beginners?

I use a longboard, a bigger board with more surface, so you can have more control and balance, making the learning process easier.

What do you like the most about Surfing?

The be in contact with nature, see the sun rise everyday and to be plenty and healthy, and also earn some money doing the thing that I like the most in life.

What are your other hobbies and passions?

Motorcycling and traveling.

Any tips for before and for after your session (food, preparation etc)?

Healthy eating, good resting and lots of training to be always evolving on your favourite sport.


What does the expression “being in your flow” mean to you?

To follow good thing in life and to be happy!

Describe Rio de Janeiroin 5 words or less.

Wonderful, Cozy, Warm, Friends and Family

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