🏆 Surf & Skate make the Olympics 🏆

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With all eyes on Rio, the Flow Sport community has their own reason to celebrate Olympic News. It was just announced by the International Olympic Committee to approve the addition of skateboarding and surfing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

This means that two sports who have had top athletes competing at the highest level for years will finally be recognized in the most prestigious international games. The Flow sport community around the world is buzzing with anticipation for the next Summer Olympics where they will finally be given their own chance at the podium.
While snowboarding was the first of the big three board sports to make its Olympic debut back in 1998, it will have taken 22 years for skateboarding and surfing to follow. The debate of whether these sports should be included was an interesting one along the way.
Although most people in the community are excited by this announcement, some people fear that it will take the purity away from these Flow sports by making them too mainstream. Many fans of skateboarding and surfing have often wanted to keep these cultures away from mass media, while on the other side, many pros want to be recognized as the top athletes they are.
Here, we asked some Local Experts and goFlow fans what they think of Surfing and Skateboarding making the Olympic games. Post on our Facebook page if you want to join the discussion!
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Kassia Meador, Pro Longboarder
      “I think it’s wonderful surfing is finally making it into the olympics….  Every 4 years the olympics brings the world together, just as the ocean has always tied all countries all people together on this beautiful planet… So excited for the future of surfing, the future of humanity and this beautiful world we call home “


Eric ” Tuma” Britton, Pro Skatboarder
       “My thoughts on the Olympics… that it will open the eyes to 
The non skate world, to be viewed as a legitimate career goal.
Will it hurt the underground community ? I think not 
Those are always the ones who keep the dream alive..”
andrew surf
Andrew Jacobson, Pro Surfer
         “I think it’s one of the greatest things that has happened to surfing and skating. I now know what my goal is for 2020! There would be no greater feeling then surfing for your country.”
** Celebrate Surf & Skateboard joining the 2020 Olympics **
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Use Code: OLYMPICS20
Or link: https://on.goflow.me/OLYMPICS20

Local Expert Spotlight: Liz

Growing up in Colorado didn’t stop Liz Lutz from getting in the water at a young age. While she was nowhere near the ocean, she fell in love with swimming and water sports. She moved to Malibu for college – and hasn’t left since!

She’s quickly become a go-to Local Expert when it comes to surfing and providing memorable surf Sessions. As someone who didn’t grow up surfing, she gets what it’s like for first timers, but experienced surfers beware, this lady can also shred with the best of them!




Here, we sat down and learned more about this adventurous and ambitious lady:

What got you into surfing?

I actually grew up in Colorado so nowhere near the ocean but was in love with swimming, summer, and being around the water, naturally California. Especially Malibu drew me in when I was looking for colleges. I came out to attend Pepperdine in 2011 and haven’t left since.

Did you start surfing right away? 

It was long after moving here that I finally grabbed a surfboard and instantly falling in love and becoming addicted to the sport. I actually started learning in Pepperdine’s surf class put on by Malibu Makos, where I am now a surf instructor for their summer camps. It was cool to come back to the same place I caught my first wave to help tons of others catch theirs.

How long did it take for you to get hooked on surfing?
After I caught my first wave, it wasn’t long before I got my own board and suit and was begging others for rides to the beach – even taking the city bus a few times to get down to Zuma.
How did surfing change your outlook on life?
Surfing became all I could think about and I would surf sometimes two or three times a day, running to first point between classes, and always having wet hair and sandy feet at school. My hair was blonder than it had ever been in my life and my stoke levels were through the roof. I’ve since graduated, yes I did make it through school even with all my surfing!
How did you start teaching surfing and sharing your skills in goFlow Sessions?
Since I’m not a lifelong surfer, although I will be from now on, I only recently started teaching surfing in the past few years. Now I work in Malibu lifeguarding at La Costa Beach Club and teaching surf at Malibu Makos.
What’s the best part about sharing surfing with others? 
I love sharing with others the beautiful dance with waves that surfing is and has become in my life.  In my opinion it’s one of the most divine interactions with nature that a person can have!


If you aren’t surfing, what are you doing?
When I’m not surfing I love to do yoga, CrossFit, go sailing, rock climb or really anything else that involves moving and being outside!
Favorite food?
My favorite food would have to be an acai bowl with peanut butter on top!
Do you speak any languages?
I speak Spanish, but a grammatically incorrect and handicapped version of it.
What is flow state like for you?
Flow to me is a sense of peace, joy, and harmony in one’s life where love rules over fear.
And now, everyone in Los Angeles can have that local experience with Liz as a Local Expert on the goFlow app where she is giving unique Surfing Sessions.