Local Expert Spotlight: Liz

Growing up in Colorado didn’t stop Liz Lutz from getting in the water at a young age. While she was nowhere near the ocean, she fell in love with swimming and water sports. She moved to Malibu for college – and hasn’t left since!

She’s quickly become a go-to Local Expert when it comes to surfing and providing memorable surf Sessions. As someone who didn’t grow up surfing, she gets what it’s like for first timers, but experienced surfers beware, this lady can also shred with the best of them!




Here, we sat down and learned more about this adventurous and ambitious lady:

What got you into surfing?

I actually grew up in Colorado so nowhere near the ocean but was in love with swimming, summer, and being around the water, naturally California. Especially Malibu drew me in when I was looking for colleges. I came out to attend Pepperdine in 2011 and haven’t left since.

Did you start surfing right away? 

It was long after moving here that I finally grabbed a surfboard and instantly falling in love and becoming addicted to the sport. I actually started learning in Pepperdine’s surf class put on by Malibu Makos, where I am now a surf instructor for their summer camps. It was cool to come back to the same place I caught my first wave to help tons of others catch theirs.

How long did it take for you to get hooked on surfing?
After I caught my first wave, it wasn’t long before I got my own board and suit and was begging others for rides to the beach – even taking the city bus a few times to get down to Zuma.
How did surfing change your outlook on life?
Surfing became all I could think about and I would surf sometimes two or three times a day, running to first point between classes, and always having wet hair and sandy feet at school. My hair was blonder than it had ever been in my life and my stoke levels were through the roof. I’ve since graduated, yes I did make it through school even with all my surfing!
How did you start teaching surfing and sharing your skills in goFlow Sessions?
Since I’m not a lifelong surfer, although I will be from now on, I only recently started teaching surfing in the past few years. Now I work in Malibu lifeguarding at La Costa Beach Club and teaching surf at Malibu Makos.
What’s the best part about sharing surfing with others? 
I love sharing with others the beautiful dance with waves that surfing is and has become in my life.  In my opinion it’s one of the most divine interactions with nature that a person can have!


If you aren’t surfing, what are you doing?
When I’m not surfing I love to do yoga, CrossFit, go sailing, rock climb or really anything else that involves moving and being outside!
Favorite food?
My favorite food would have to be an acai bowl with peanut butter on top!
Do you speak any languages?
I speak Spanish, but a grammatically incorrect and handicapped version of it.
What is flow state like for you?
Flow to me is a sense of peace, joy, and harmony in one’s life where love rules over fear.
And now, everyone in Los Angeles can have that local experience with Liz as a Local Expert on the goFlow app where she is giving unique Surfing Sessions.




Local Spotlight: Surfer & Artist Daniel George

It takes quite the perseverance and passion to manifest an existence as a working artist, so don’t let Daniel George’s laidback energy fool you. George is without a doubt someone who can take you on a tour of Malibu’s best surf spots and help you perfect your form on the board, while at the same time extolling the beauty of ceramics and printmaking.

A native of the Southeast, George made his way west to Southern California after having picked up surfing and just before enrolling in an MFA program at Cal State Northridge. If ceramics was George’s first love, he’s kept adept at maintaining an equally successful relationship with a second love: his clothing line, Flying Uke. The two romances coexist peacefully, the former allowing George to create timeless one-of-a-kind works of art, while the latter lets George play with a more scalable concept of reproduction–a throwback to his introduction to printmaking during an undergrad stint in Florida.

We sat down with George to talk breakfast burritos, the ocean as inspiration and his current motto, KISS:

How did you get started surfing?

When I was in Florida graduating college I had a couple buddies that took me out to St. Augustine, which is a little beach break out there an hour and a half from my hometown and I rode the whitewater a couple times and then sniffed out that I would be interested in it and took a six month trip to Central America and really got my feet wet in the surf and the culture. It was pretty profound and then I moved out to California after I came back.

What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

At 22 wrapping up college, I had yet to learn to surf but was passionate about art and I ended up studying other things. I think If I would have known, I would have been more committed to my art and creativity earlier on. But I think it’s an organic path that I have gone on and I’m ending up doing it. But yeah, I would say, “Hey this is your thing, stick to it.” I did it anyway organically.

What is your current motto?

My Grandfather always said “KISS: keep it simple stupid” and I feel like with my art and my design that keeping it simple, but effective and functional is really important for me. Also, one of my designs for Flying Uke is a picture of Gandhi and it says “Follow your Heart” and following my intuition, my heart and my passion has really led me to where I’m at living a good, simple-going life.

Photo by Bruce Klumph

Favorite surf spot?

The surf in Malibu is rich, and we have a lot of it. There are a couple of local spots right up the beach from here that I like a lot. It’s really hard to narrow that down but yeah I have a little local spot here that I surf with my buddies that I’d say that it’s my home break.

Favorite post surf snack?

The Breakfast burrito at Lilly’s. It’s amazing!

When you’re not surfing, what is your favorite place to be outdoors and why?

I’m pretty Myopic when it comes to being outdoors and it’s usually west of the Pacific Coast Highway. If I’m not surfing, I love to be down on the beach in the shade at some of these magical spots in the canyons around here. There’s a really bucolic tranquility that really reminds me of home.

What keeps you in your flow?

My interaction with the ocean keeps me in my flow. My water time inspires my land time so I’d say my interaction on a daily basis with the ocean keeps me in the flow and it’s a great one to be in!

What life lessons has surfing taught you?

It’s interesting, I think it’s sublime: our interaction with the ocean is very raw and straightforward and at the same time in those in between moments in the water I can draw a lot of parallels with the way I interact with the ocean and how that teaches me to live life on land. I feel like there are a lot of lessons in the ocean; it teaches you a lot about who you are simply by how you react in the moment, which can really determine how things go for you in the water. So, I think that just to be in harmony with nature and also to be humble about your interaction with it because it’s always going to remind you that you’re much smaller but significant in your own way.

What is your favorite thing about goFlow?

I like that for one as a surfer can keep me in touch with what’s happening in the ocean in a more profound way than a lot of other forecasts do. I also like the diversity of the platform and how someone like myself – a self-employed artist – can supplement my income by helping folks learn about an area and have a local experience where they would normally have no idea where to go and what to do. So facilitating that I think is a really cool aspect of it.

Photo by The Superslice

Tell us about your pottery and clothing line Flying Uke?

When I was a Sophomore in College at the University of Florida in Gainsville, where I grew up, I subbed into a ceramics for non-majors class. Clay has been my main squeeze for the last 16 years. I moved to California and then got my Masters Degree in ceramics at Cal State Northridge and that sort of affirmed and locked in my path of creativity and art. While I was studying ceramics I was ultimately given a bunch of other classes to learn other processes which would ultimately form my body of work in ceramics. One of the most profound was printmaking, a way to create an image that embodies your esthetic that can then be replicated by running it through the press inking. So, because I learned printmaking, I started Flying Uke.

Photo by Bruce Klumph
Flying Uke is essentially born out of: one – my love to recycle; two – my love of creating an image and replicating it. Coming from a background in ceramics, each piece is one of a kind. So, printmaking is a neat way of expanding on that and making multiples. Flying Uke is an ongoing [5 years and counting] experiment on putting positivity into the world.

What do you love most about the process of pottery making and how do you source your inspiration for it?

Pottery itself is process oriented. I love that about it. Essentially clay is dirt – mud that you dug out of the ground in certain mixtures – and creating something functional that people in their lives can use on a daily basis and [associate] familiarity and positivity with that ritual… that’s part of the magic of it for me: to be able to take a piece of dirt and turn that into something that someone can use over decades in their life. I draw inspiration all over the place from music – from folk music to the bluegrass tradition of the south where I grew up. I would say that the ocean is my biggest inspiration for my work. Not that it’s about ocean imagery, but I think you can feel the salt in it.

What is one thing you always do before bed?

Take a few deep breaths and appreciate all the blessings I have in my life.

Kassia Surf’s Favorite Malibu Spots

Recently we introduced you to surf pro-turned-entrepreneur Kassia Meador. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Meador calls Topanga Canyon home. Given her deep SoCal roots we figured there’s no better guide to a few of neighboring Malibu’s best spots – from the perfect surf to the best breakfast burrito by far.

If you’re getting in a surf session before heading to the office, where are you off to?

Since I live in Topanga, especially in the winter months I’ll head down to Topanga. It’s so much fun on the high tide. This time of year is my favorite for surfing there – before school lets out or after the holidays are over. I really like coming down to Venice when there’s a combo windswell. I also really enjoy surfing north Malibu near Zero’s, County Line and all of those cool places.

When you’ve got more time on your hands, where are you headed post-surf?

If I go poke around, Sefari Outpost is an awesome new shop. They have so many good books, a cool vibe, there’s so much inspiration there. I always go to Sun Life for a juice. They have this one called the Mystic that is like a smoothie, it’s next level. And one called Zuma Canyon with fennel in it that I love.

What are some of your favorite local meals?

John’s Garden in the Country Mart is always a stop off for me. There’s also this little burrito spot called Country Kitchen that has the best breakfast burrito – there are tater tots in it. John [from John’s Garden] and his brother both owned those years ago. One went healthy, and one went the burrito route. Country Kitchen looks like a hole in the wall. You’d never know to go in there. They have really good coffee. It’s the best. $5, you can’t go wrong. And now, the fact that they opened up The Farm on the end of the Malibu pier, after surfing getting a bite to eat at the Farm while watching the moon rise and the surf still coming in is epic.

When you’re not surfing, what is your favorite place to be outside?

My favorite place to be is in the mountains or in the desert. I love both of those places. The desert, there’s so much thickness in the stillness and so much noise in nothing. The fact that it was all covered by water at some point. You can be hundreds of miles from the coast and seashells. I love that. I love nature. I guess that’s what drew me to surfing.

I grew up in the Valley so it was a lot of concrete and then also old Agoura before it was all built up. We were always hiking and building forts and finding caves. That’s a part of me that’s still… This morning I hiked to a cave. I was in a cave and meditating just this morning.

Meet The Pro: Kassia Meador

Former pro surfer Kassia Meador is one accomplished woman. For one, it only took her teenage self a whopping two years to go from surf novice to pro. Now, she’s the brains behind a burgeoning namesake activewear brand, Kassia Surf. And, when she’s not getting down to business, she can be found facilitating sound baths at a local LA yoga studio, making magical morning concoctions (yerba mate, reishi, cocoa and more coming right up!) in her Topanga Canyon kitchen, or out on the waves.

As busy as Meador may be, she still embodies the phrase she uses generously, good vibes. We probed the pro on her daily rituals and what’s next. Head to the blog for the chat.

What is your current motto?
The revolution for evolution. That’s what it’s about.

What’s your morning routine?

I usually wake up at 7am. I make a cup of Yerba Mate before I get out the door. I put coconut oil, some mushrooms (reishi, chaga, cordyceps), a little cayenne pepper if it’s cold, raw cocoa and a little honey in it. I take my little fox [a Shiba Inu named Aruka] on a walk unless the surf is pumping, and then I jam straight to the beach and let her run around the parking lot.

Kassia pic 8 copy

What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?
Oh geez. What was I doing at 22? A whole bunch of nonsense. I’d say, it’s all going to be ok. Take more time and don’t try to do so much all at once because you’ll miss out on so much beauty and the moments and being present.

What was the moment you realized surfing was a true calling and not just a hobby for you?
For me it was after the fact. It was nothing I ever anticipated. I had so much energy and surfing was a place I could actually exhaust myself and continue to learn. And it happened really fast. I started surfing at 14. Then, by the time I was 18 and graduating high school, I’d already been surfing professionally for two years, traveling around the world. It was crazy how quick it was.


How did you start surfing?

My dad surfed. He would get one week a year in San Diego to surf, so he never really taught us. We just boogie-boarded in the shorebreak. Then I did junior lifeguards when I was 14 and after our sessions they had paddleboards that we would surf until we got picked up. It was classic because they didn’t have leashes on them and you had to take turns with everyone that wanted to surf. So, if someone fell, someone else would grab your board and then you were done. So, it was all about surfing and hanging on to your board as long as you could. I think that’s part of why I learned fast as well.

Tell us about your surf and activewear line Kassia Surf…

We launched last year, April 2015 after two years of working diligently on it. We just came out with our Stance collaboration, making some cool socks. And some amazing reversible surf leggings. We also just made neoprene bikinis. Everything we’re creating is repurposed fabric from our original collection. My whole ethos is not throwing anything away. I wanted to make things more consciously. As a surfer you use a lot of petroleum-based products; so, how do we offset our [foot]print? That’s something I wanted to put into the ethos of my line. And making quality over quantity, making things so they would last.


What’s next for Kassia Surf?

We are planning to build the line into more athletic wear. It’s everything I’m about: empowering ourselves mind, body, wellness and spirit. What I know the most is surf, but I love yoga, hiking and being active.

What keeps you in your flow?

I think the things that keep me most in flow are surfing and meditation. Meditation is something that I notice every day if I miss it. Same thing with surfing. I feel it if I miss a day. Obviously the waves aren’t great every day, so something like yoga is cool. As long as I’m doing something active and keeping my mind still, that keeps me in my flow. On a perfect day, if I can do a meditation, surfing and a little bit of work, it’s the perfect balance.

What is one thing you always do before bed?

I’m a big tea drinker. I love a turmeric tea before bed with a little bit of milk and a little bit of honey. A simple whole milk. I’m simple like that. It’s a perfect night cap. Tea in the morning, tea at night. That’s what’s up.


Cover photo courtesy of WaxedRadio.com

Where’s the best surf in L.A.? Top 5 Surf Spots by goFlow

California is crushing it for goFlow reports and why shouldn’t it be?… There are plenty of awesome places to paddle out. Have you got a favorite Cali surf spot?

The goFlow team has compiled a list of the most active surf spots on our app for L.A. county (From El Porto to Malibu).

1. El Porto & 45th Street

Year round great weather and breaks can be found in at 45th St, in Manhattan Beach. Great break for a novice to the seasoned surfer.





2. Topanga Country Beach

Shout out to Saltwater Movement, you guys are goFlow fanatics and we love seeing your shares! Kimberly Rosenberg, thanks for this report, sounds like you had the ultimate sunset session.

saltwater topanga share1


3. Malibu Point

Party wave in Malibu, that’s the way to have a blast! Looks like your tribe had an awesome sunset session. Thanks for sharing Joaquin!



4. Sunset Blvd

LA directions to Sunset Blvd. Take Sunset Blvd until you hit water. Where PCH meets Sunset. Drive,  Park, Surf. Sleep. Repeat.




5. County Line

Malibu at its finest! Thank you super user Kimberly for this report. Saltwater & Jay T #bliss is everything.



What’s your favorite surf spot? Mark your favorite surf spots in the goFlow app to receive push notifications when your favorite spots are on fire! Also, be sure to check us out on Instagram: @goFlowApp & tag us with #goFlowApp so we can see your outdoor adventures! See you in the water 🙂


If you haven’t downloaded goFlow yet, get it here for iPhone or for Android.

The 10 Most Epic Instagram Shots from #ISD15

We scoured the ‘gram and found our favorite pics from International Surfing Day 2015.

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Redbull Switchboard 2015

On a brisk Saturday morning, roughly 500 kids joined the Redbull crew and started the morning off surfing in Huntington beach. Hailing from San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara and locally in Huntington Beach, Redbull pulls together college age students who are action sports enthusiasts.

That is where goFlow’s app works perfectly. “goFlow is an app for weather-driven sports like surfing, kiteboarding, skiing, and snowboarding, which gets its data from users uploading the conditions”(Tech Crunch).

As the USC goFlow team leader, I met fellow college students and showed them what the goFlow lifestyle is all about. From a social media perspective, I was looking for an interactive  sports app where I can see what’s going on in the action sports world. goFlow is the answer! After surfing in Huntington Beach we drove to Bear Mountain. Prior to going to Bear Mountain I was able to check the goFlow  sports app making it an ideal application. I look forward to seeing which action sports goFlow incorporates next!

Sorelle Cohen—