goFlow Experiences

Have you ever been Experienced?

Many people dream of learning to surf, or skateboard but aren’t sure how to begin. They may be a bit reluctant to go to a big surf or skate camp with neon vests and lots of little kids. And their not sure how to break into the glorious and seemingly very elite ride sport community.

Insert goFlow Experiences

Now you can book fun adventures with “Local Experts”, seasoned and professional athletes, who will teach you how to surf, skate, kitesurf or stand up paddle (SUP), including SUP yoga. Since the Experts are true locals, they will also share a unique perspective on the best way to ride in their city.

Better than a regular lesson 

A regular lesson shows you “how”, but it won’t truly help you become a surfer or a skater.  That involves an understanding of the local ride culture – what to say and do (and what NOT to), where to go and how to find that special connection in your flow in mother nature. goFlow Experts have that in spades, as well as a true passion for their sport that they are eager to share with others.

Who should Experience?

Experiences are ideal for people who want to try a new sport, current riders who want to refine their skills or travelers who want to enjoy all the outdoor fun this city has to offer. All these adventures are powered through the goFlow app, which means you also gain access to a fun, highly desirable community (the goFlow Tribe) who will keep you motivated as you develop their skills.

iphone-7-four-colors-mockupBook right in the goFlow app!

goFlow makes it really easy to book. From the goFlow app, you can view all the Expert’s profiles, learn more about them and what they offer, as well as where they are located. Once you select your Experts, you can quickly find the perfect date and time and pay via credit card, all in the app.

And the best part – once you’re on goFlow your in the Tribe! In addition to booking, you also get access to the goFlow community who will inspire and encourage you along your path to becoming a true ride sport athlete.

Download the goFlow app to book an Experience.



Meet the Experts

There are currently 44 Experts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Southern California (LA & San Diego). More Experts are being added all the time and more locations will be available throughout 2017. Here are some of the incredible Experts you can book with:

SURF – Surf with Pros and Experts who grew up riding the beaches of Rio & So Cal



SKATE – Cruz through the back roads of Rio or hit the skate park in Venice Beach, CA.

SUP – Stand up and paddle for distance, catch some waves or find your zen with SUP yoga.

KITE – catch more waves, and maybe some air on an exhilarating kite Experience!


If you live in or are traveling to Rio de Janeiro or Southern California, treat yourself to a custom tailored lesson and epic session with a passionate goFlow Local Expert. Download the goFlow app to get started.  We can’t wait to welcome you to the Tribe!