Skate through the Mountains with Alexandre Feliz

Here is something that you’ve probably never heard of! goFlow introduces the skateboarder Alexandre Feliz and his Extreme Freestyle! 

After a serious knee injury, Alexandre Feliz, a true Carioca (Rio local), had to find a different path on his skateboarding career. What he did was invent a totally new way to ride, mixing in some of his other passions, such as climbing and always staying in contact with nature. From there, Feliz started to look for new spots to ride, tapping into his creativity and going far beyond regular surfaces like streets or ramps, slopes and handrails. All resulting in creation of something that he calls “Extreme Freestyle”.

Essentially, this new style allows you to ride on any surface, be it stone, sand, clay and, of course, cement and still be connected with the flow, enjoying different natural landscapes everyday. Read more

A Comunidade de Skatistas do goFlow está quebrando!

A verdade é que, não importa qual esporte você mais gosta: todas as comunidades do goFlow quebram! Ultimamente, estamos bastante impressionados com algumas das fotos e vídeos que a galera do skate tem postado em nosso aplicativo e decidimos prestar uma homenagem a eles, escolhendo algumas das nossas favoritas para compartilhar com o resto do mundo.
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Find your Flow at Carnaval!!

The biggest annual party in Brazil has begun! Did you know that Rio de Janeiro is currently the most sought after destination in Brazil for people who want to celebrate Carnaval? That’s not surprising as there is no shortage of options and fun for all tastes in this marvelous city during Carnaval. GOFLOW, of course, is getting in on the action as well!

If you live in Rio or will spend the holiday there, here’s our Carnaval Program Guide, with unique Experiences, offered by Local Experts who are ready to take you for an unforgettable adventure and show parts of the city that only the locals know. Read more

Flowing and Paddling with Karol Knopf

We are proud to share with you a little more about Karol Knopf, who is now part of our incredible team of Expert Locals of Rio de Janeiro.

Karol Knopf has traveled the world on board her stand up paddleboard (SUP). She has paddled around the Paradisiac Islands of Africa (Cape Verde, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, Seychelles), Asia (Myanmar and Mauritius) and also across unexplored rowing places within Brazil (Amazon and Pantanal). Read more

Remando no Flow com Karol Knopf

É com orgulho que te convidamos para conhecer uma pouco mais sobre a Karol Knopf, que agora também faz parte do nosso incrível time de Expert Locais do Rio de Janeiro.

Karol Knopf já viajou o mundo inteiro a bordo de seu SUP. Já remou ao redor de Ilhas Paradisíacas da África (Cabo Verde, MoçambiqueTânzania e Quênia, Seychelles), da Ásia (Myanmar e Ilhas Maurício) e também por lugares pouco explorados a remo dentro do Brasil (Amazônia e Pantanal). Read more

Stand Up Paddle and Yoga Expert Bianca Guimarães

Meet the incredible and beautiful SUP Racer and SUP Yogi, Bianca Guimarães! We’re thrilled to have her as one of our goFlow Local Experts in Rio! Let’s learn a little more about Bianca…

(Interview translated by the author)

Tell a little about yourself (including something you think nobody knows!)?

[Nobody knows] my heartwarming story of first SUPRACE championship in Brazil. Read more

Stand Up Paddle e Yoga Expert Bianca Guimarães

Conheça a incrível e bela SUP Racer e SUP Yogi, Bianca Guimarães! Mais uma Expert goFlow no Rio de Janeiro que temos orgulho em apresentar! Descubra mais sobre a Bianca…

Conte um pouco sobre você (o que você quiser e o que você acha que ninguém sabe!)

Minha história é de superação nos campeonatos de SUPRACE e também como mineira e precursora do SupYoga no Brasil. Read more