Street Surfing with Adriano Sakumoto

We all know that Skateboarding was born during the flat days in California and all its origin comes from Surfing… But each and every day, skateboarding is getting more close to its “creator”. And that’s exactly what Adriano Sakumoto is offering on his goFlow Experience, introducing an equipment that he is calling “Surf Simulator”. It’s like surfing, but on dry and solid surfaces. We are pleased to introduce you to the Street Surfing and to one of our magnificent Local Experts from São Paulo.
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Skate through the Mountains with Alexandre Feliz

Here is something that you’ve probably never heard of! goFlow introduces the skateboarder Alexandre Feliz and his Extreme Freestyle! 

After a serious knee injury, Alexandre Feliz, a true Carioca (Rio local), had to find a different path on his skateboarding career. What he did was invent a totally new way to ride, mixing in some of his other passions, such as climbing and always staying in contact with nature. From there, Feliz started to look for new spots to ride, tapping into his creativity and going far beyond regular surfaces like streets or ramps, slopes and handrails. All resulting in creation of something that he calls “Extreme Freestyle”.

Essentially, this new style allows you to ride on any surface, be it stone, sand, clay and, of course, cement and still be connected with the flow, enjoying different natural landscapes everyday. Read more

A Comunidade de Skatistas do goFlow está quebrando!

A verdade é que, não importa qual esporte você mais gosta: todas as comunidades do goFlow quebram! Ultimamente, estamos bastante impressionados com algumas das fotos e vídeos que a galera do skate tem postado em nosso aplicativo e decidimos prestar uma homenagem a eles, escolhendo algumas das nossas favoritas para compartilhar com o resto do mundo.
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O goFlow apresenta: Papais Noel Surfistas

(Foto da Capa – Cortesia do surfparkcentral)

Sabe o que o Papai NOEL faz quando ele não está entregando presentes? Ele surfa, é claro (e anda de skate, da uma remada de SUP e um velejo de Kite…)! Assim como nós, o Papai Noel gosta de sair de casa e seguir o Flow com suas pranchas favoritas. Fomos em busca de fotos do Instagram do Papai NOEL se aventurando em esportes ao ar livre e reunimos algumas delas nessa lista de Papais Noel Surfistas ao redor do mundo. Read more

goFlow Presents: Surfing Santas

(Cover photo courtesy of surfparkcentral)

What does Santa do when he’s not busy delivering presents?  He surfs of course (and skateboards, SUPs and kiteboards too!) Just like us, Santa likes to get out and have a little flow time on his favorite boards.  We plowed through Instagram photos of Santa’s sporting adventure moments to generate this list of “Surfing Santas” from all around the world. Read more