Flowing and Paddling with Karol Knopf

We are proud to share with you a little more about Karol Knopf, who is now part of our incredible team of Expert Locals of Rio de Janeiro.

Karol Knopf has traveled the world on board her stand up paddleboard (SUP). She has paddled around the Paradisiac Islands of Africa (Cape Verde, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, Seychelles), Asia (Myanmar and Mauritius) and also across unexplored rowing places within Brazil (Amazon and Pantanal). Read more

My goFlow Gratitude List

Whether or not you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, cultivating and expressing gratitude are an important part of being and staying in your “flow state”. I try to find gratitude everyday, not just during this time of year, because I find it helps me maintain a positive and happy state of mind.

That said, one of the things I am grateful for on a daily basis is all of you goFlow Tribers! To show you my appreciation, I have comprised a list of just a few of the many things I’m grateful for this year, using your amazing goFlow posts as my inspiration and illustrations. Read more

The new goFlow video is here!!!

It was an awesome summer day in the water and we had a blast filming.

Such a fun day surfing with our friends and shooting the goFlow video…
Well, this is what goFlow is all about?! 🙂

Directed by: Ricky Qi

We hope this video will make you grab your surfboard and run to the water! Don’t forget to share the surf conditions with your friends when you’re out there.


The goFlow Team


We were so stoked to work with acclaimed National Geographic filmmaker Ricky Qi who created this amazing clip. Ricky is currently directing a feature length documentary about the Moso people, China’s last matriarchal society.
Check out Ricky’s WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM to see more about his adventures in China.