What is goFlow?

In its essence, goFlow is a community app for surfers, stand up paddle boarders, skateboarders, kitesurfers and anyone who has ever wanted to learn these awesome sports! By combining the best elements of location technology and social networks, goFlow has transformed the way “ride sport” enthusiasts interact with their community and engage in their favorite outdoor activities.

At goFlow, we believe that our bodies were meant to be in motion. That happiness is becoming one with your board as you “flow” with Mother Nature.  If you ride daily, want to learn, or aspire to teach, goFlow is the perfect app to help you stay in the action.

With goFlow you can:

Share condition reports and the best moments from your latest sessions with locals from your favorite spot as well as the world at large. It brings the concept of the “surf family” to a global scale, while still allowing it to feel personal and engaging.goflow1

Explore incredible footage. With new posts coming in daily from around the world, there are always new pics and videos to inspire you, even on those days you can’t get out to ride.

Build your Tribe. Follow cool locals, Experts and Pros. and build up a global community of people who share your passion for the ride sports. Get encouragement from the tribe every time you share the stoke from your latest session.

Experience like never before! Try a new sport of refine your skills by booking an Experience with a passionate Local Expert. This is not an ordinary surf or skate lesson! In addition to learning the basics, your Expert will show you what makes riding in their city so unique, and give you tips on how to integrate more smoothly into the local rider community.

Choose from surfing, skateboarding, kitesurfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and SUP yoga. Learn more about Experiences here, or book one today by downloading the goFlow app.

Like what you see?  Become part of the goFlow Tribe and live the active life with us!